No Limits

Mastering the mental edge

No Limits Mastering the Mental Edge

No Limits is on a mission to give students, parents, young athletes, professional athletes, coaches, and schools, a powerful formula to create mind-blowing results. What began in 2007 as a venture to help young athletes reach their true potential, No Limits has grown and is exploding performances both on and off the field. No Limits goes beyond inspiration and motivation to deliver concrete tools you can use every day to break through current limitations and reach new levels of athletic, academic, and personal success.

The No Limits Philosophy

No Limits empowers you to take responsibility for results by consciously and subconsciously creating your goals, processes, and outcomes. No Limits teaches that there is an exact formula to how we work as human beings, and an understanding of this formula is the key to allowing you to live the life you choose; to harness your passion, find your gifts, and to stay focused on what you want to achieve.

Life With No Limits

While sports is the primary vehicle No Limits uses to pass along this information, our athletes soon find that the No Limits philosophy can be used in every area of life. No Limits also teaches clients how to be happier, create better relationships, perform better in other areas, and to handle the challenges life throws our way. No Limits not only teaches clients how to quickly move through limiting emotions like fear and pressure, it teaches them how to get results beyond what they originally envisioned. Join our Nation and join the thousands of others who are creating the results they want with No Limits!



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No Limits Mental Mastery

Powerful examples of what you'll learn with No Limits…

  • How the conscious mind works and why it is important to understand your thoughts and emotions in order to get them to work for you.
  • How the subconscious mind works and how our habits and conditioning are developed, both good and bad.
  • How to use No Limits techniques to program your subconscious mind to get the results you desire.
  • How to handle the negative emotions when they surface to move past the limiting emotion almost immediately.
  • How to create great relationships with teammates and coaches to create phenomenal experiences.
  • How to create your outcome in all situations, both on and off the field.

Coach Mike Basevic

Coach Mike No Limits Founder and Creator Coach Mike Basevic, is a nationally-recognized behavioral strategist, performance coach, author, and speaker who has been training athletes of all ages for two decades. With a track record of entrepreneurship that includes building strong teams and individuals from sports to business, Coach Mike is dedicated to helping each person realize their full performance potential.   During his years working with top athletes, Coach Mike studied why certain players excel at crunch time while others fail. This journey uncovered the truths of human behavior: how we use our minds, emotions, and other internal factors to create our results, both good and bad. He began to track the mental strategies used by consistently successful athletes and implemented them in his coaching with both teams and individuals, building the foundation for No Limits.   With these groundbreaking discoveries, Coach Mike founded No Limits to empower athletes to create their own success, purpose, and happiness – both on and off the field. Today, the principles shared through Coach Mike’s book, workshops, coaching, and the No Limits Nation are transforming performance from the court to the classroom. Now students, schools, professional athletes, and even competitive businesses are using No Limits to get the edge over their competition and create the life they truly want to live.  

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