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Holiday Enjoyment with No Limits: Create a New State of Being

November 27, 2013

With the Holiday Season upon us, many people have already gone into panic mode with the stress and pressure that “comes with” the season.


Planning, cooking, accommodating, buying gifts, keeping track of who is doing what with whom while also trying to avoid the relative who seems to start a fight each year. And on top of all that, there are many people who are lonely this time of year — mourning the loss of a loved one or missing a family member serving overseas.   Then you turn on the news and you hear about the bad economy or the politicians fighting or all of the tragic happenings in the world.  That just adds to the stress and we find it nearly impossible to slow down and enjoy the holidays…instead, we are just trying to survive the holidays!   It’s no wonder so many people are anxious and worried.


Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, for many, it probably does.


But before you go into complete chaos mode, let me let you in on a little secret…  None of that stuff we worry about even matters.


The parties, the gifts, the bills, the crazy schedules, trying to make everyone happy… none of those things truly matter. All of that is just the ‘stuff’ that surrounds the holidays–stuff that we have created ourselves– but not what the holidays are all about.  And, being a No Limits follower you already know that a state of being of stress and anxiety will only create more of the same so that ‘stuff’ will keep expanding into full blown chaos and stress because the more you focus on that stuff, the more you will be inviting the same into your life. Instead, let’s try making a shift back into acceptance before things get too out of hand.


Let’s start with the true meaning of the holidays, which is to be thankful for your blessings and to be grateful for those things that really matter to you in your life.


Instead of focusing on all the stuff mentioned above, shift your internal focus to the stuff that is good in your life.  Maybe it’s your good health, your steady job, the roof over your head, the food in your refrigerator, or the friend who is always there for you to make you laugh.  Maybe it’s the fact that you are with your soulmate or that you have incredible parents or had loving  parents who worked hard for you.  Maybe it’s the fact that someone on this planet loves you or cares enough about you to invite you to a party.  Maybe it’s your sense of humor, your intelligence, or your good looks.  Maybe it’s the fact that you get to drive your children to school every day or you have a family member coming in town for the holidays.


Whatever it is (make sure you find what it is), shift your focus to those amazing things and keep your focus there each day and watch how all of that other ‘stuff’ just drifts away.  Remove the ego about what you think you have to accomplish this holiday season and make the powerful shift to an internal state of being of peace, gratitude, appreciation, happiness and calm.   It’s your choice: You can slow down, make the shift to happiness and really enjoy the Holidays or you can keep flying around like a stressed out elf.  Of course, I encourage you to slow down and take stock in what’s really important to you this holiday season. When you do, you will find that you will be attracting more of those phenomenal things toward you.


And remember one more very important thing: Everything is going to be fine and everything is going to get done so relax, stay in the moment, and enjoy each moment this holiday season.


Happy Holidays,

Coach Mike

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Miami Dolphins: A No Limits Take on Team Bullying

November 14, 2013

Last week, Miami Dolphins Offensive Tackle Jonathan Martin left the team alleging that he was the victim of continuous abuse and bullying by teammate Richie Incognito. According to Martin and his attorney, Incognito would frequently harass Martin verbally and physically along with trying to “toughen him up” for life in the NFL.


While Martin states he was the victim, Incognito and many current and former teammates claim that Incognito befriended Martin and the voicemails and text messages were nothing more than jokes and motivating tactics to get Martin to the next level.  It was even rumored that Miami Dolphins coaches and management told Incognito to push Martin hard which is reminiscent of a ‘Code Red’ made famous in the movie A Few Good Men.


Who knows what the truth is here and let it be known that I, and the No Limits programs, do not condone bullying of any kind.


Of course the media jumped all over this story and immediately went into “victim and villain mode,” normally their favorite types of stories.  This was followed up by continual stories containing any morsel of information they can uncover along with interviews with anyone and everyone who ever knew Martin and Incognito.  Then it’s on to the subject of bullying in football, in sports, in society, and in schools.


And, what is the massive media exposure on this subject going to create?  More bullying.


Here is how…


This is an energy Universe and every single thing in this Universe is comprised of the same energy, including you and me.  And, we ALL create our experiences through the focus of our consistent thoughts, our consistent actions and most importantly, our consistent state of being.  So, when I look at this situation, I know that Martin’s thoughts and state of being had to be one of victim mentality, or feeling sorry for himself, or some other form of resistance that could attract experiences like these.  When I look at Incognito, I know that his thoughts and state of being had to be some sort of fear… fear that Martin was going to fail, fear that Martin didn’t respect him, or his teammates or fear that Martin didn’t acknowledge and respect Incognito as the leader of the team’s offensive line.  And, when two people are in the states as described above, you have the perfect storm for this exact situation to happen.


They both created the situation.


What I would have advised Martin (among many other things) is to shift his internal focus and state of being off of being the target of teammates ridicule and put all of his focus and energy on what he wanted to experience playing in the NFL.  I would have advised Incognito to take his attention off ‘changing’ Martin and place his attention on being a team leader and example to help build one of the top lines in football.  I would also explain to Incognito that the things that piss him off or frustrate him about Martin are actually internal issues that he has with himself, not Martin.


This has little or nothing to do with bullying and the more focus and national attention we place on bullying, the more we will fan the flames for bullying.


Instead, what is the opposite of bullying?


It is kindness. It is treating people with respect. It is doing good deeds without expectation of something in return.  It is compassion, friendship, empathy, understanding and support.  It is acceptance.


We need to continue teaching people, especially young people, that our focus needs to be on these actions and being that person who treats people with respect and kindness.  We need to teach people that if they are the bully, it is them with the unresolved issues and teach them how to change it.  We need to take the focus off of bullying and place it on being that person mentioned above along with showing them the endless daily benefits that come with being that person.  And, we need to teach people that life is an inside job as all of their experiences start from within.


Coach Mike

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Chicken or the Egg? The Key to Understanding Greatness

October 4, 2013

Which comes first…the occurrence of a perceived bad incident in our life or the state of being of stress, pressure or fear that may have caused the bad incident?


ANSWER: It doesn’t matter.


(I will explain this answer shortly.)


Here is a sports example: A basketball player misses a free throw, has immediate thoughts of anger and failure, then goes on a stretch for the rest of the half where they miss all of their shots along with making several additional mistakes to hurt their team.


At this point (and at every point during competition) the athlete has a choice…they can stew in their angry juices and their inadequacy during halftime while questioning their ability along with blaming their teammates for not doing their jobs.  They can also start ripping on the refs for making bad calls. They can tell the coach about how they just can’t make any shots and how it just isn’t their night and then, they can go out in the second half of the game and suck even more.


Good plan there… not.


Or, the athlete can regroup at halftime and let go of everything that has happened in the past by staying in the moment because this moment is the only thing that is real. They can refocus, they can accept everything that has happened to this point make a decision to go out in the second half and be better. Then, the athlete goes out relaxed, focused, confident and determined while leading their team to victory.


Much better plan there.


Which came first?  The state of being which caused the initial missed free throw or the occurrence of the missed free throw?  It’s actually the state of being or internal resistance that always causes the physical occurrence and then, if we aren’t aware of the resistance (anger, fear, pressure), it begins to grow and the performance suffers even more.


The key is being aware of the state of being at all times and making the shift when necessary back to acceptance (relaxation, confidence, focus, certainty, trust).  The key and the ‘missing link’ for athletes and non-athletes is to live from the inside out.


The problem is that most people live from the outside in instead of the inside out.  They blame the occurrence for making them angry or stressed instead of looking at the cause—which is themselves–and making the decision to make the shift back to acceptance when things start going bad.


As I mentioned it doesn’t matter which comes first as a missed free throw or ANY ‘mistake’ in performance (or life) can be just that…a brief mistake— provided you don’t allow the negative state to expand which will ALWAYS cause more bad experiences.


Let me finish this post with a real life story that happened this week in my family.


My 15 year old son was playing in an important season ending golf tournament with forty other golfers.  He was cruising along through six holes, playing really well and then, on the seventh hole, he hit a couple of bad shots and made a triple bogey—three over par for you non-golfers out there— which is not good.  I saw the stress and anger on his face as made his way to the next hole and while he did ok on the eighth hole, he was definitely not the same golfer he was for the first six holes.


Then, on the ninth tee, he hit an average drive off to the left, then proceeded to ‘shank’ his next shot into the woods on the right and then, his third shot barely got out of the trees leaving him lying three on the par four hole still eighty yards from the green.
He was stressed and pretty pissed off as he walked up to the ball.


I just smiled and said to him, ”breathe…relax…loosen your hands…you’re doing fine” (so easy to say when I am not the one playing).  He gave me the look out of the corner of his eye like he wanted to tell me to go pound sand (haha—I would have done the same!) but I smiled again and said, “you have a choice here buddy and that choice can be to relax, trust your talent, knock it on the green and make the best five of your life.”


My son took out his wedge and hit his next shot on the green to about 12 feet away from the cup and proceeded to make the putt for a five… maybe the best five of his life.  When the putt fell, I, along with the other spectators, cheered and I saw my son fist pump in excitement and then, I noticed a complete change in his state of being back to confidence.


He went on to birdie the tenth hole then rattled off four straight pars on his way to finishing third out of forty golfers in the event.  At the pivotal point on the ninth hole, he had a choice and had he not made the internal shift he would have most likely spiraled downward and probably finished among the bottom of the pack.


It was a really proud moment for me to watch my son not only compete but, to decide to make the shift back to acceptance while realizing that he had a choice in the matter.  I hope it is something he never forgets.


And I hope you never forget, that you have a choice in every moment and every situation in your life.  Stay awake, stay aware, take responsibility for your experiences and ALWAYS live from the inside out.


- Coach Mike

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Mom Got Her Son Back.

September 12, 2013

Ryan was diagnosed with Asperger disorder when he was 9 years old. Asperger disorder is a disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication along with developing repetitive patterns of behavior.


Despite being a great young athlete and hockey player, Ryan’s parents said that he increasingly shut down in his communications, his interactions with family members and friends, and he spent much of his time alone in his room.  And while he still played hockey, he was losing interest year after year.


After the diagnosis, he was put on expensive and powerful prescription medication, with many side effects—and stayed on those meds daily. Yet, despite being on the medication, he didn’t socialize much, didn’t interact with his parents much, and was in trouble quite a bit at school along with having failing grades in many of his classes.
At 16 years old, he was introduced to me and the No Limits program, sort of by accident.  I met his his mom at a social event and she asked what I did for a living.  I told her and she responded with, “Wow, that’s interesting, I wish you could help my son with Asperger’s.” I replied, “I probably can, let me know when you want to get started.”


She laughed—(I didn’t)—and she assured me that medication was the only way to manage the Asperger disorder.  I then assured her that it wasn’t, that Asperger’s is a behavioral disorder and many of those can be reversed. While researchers say the cause of Asperger’s is unknown so it is probably genetic, I believe that Aspergers can be developed by many things including stress, fear or internalizing difficult circumstances as a youngster.


So, I began working with Ryan and at first I noticed he was pretty shut down.  He wouldn’t look at me or anyone when he spoke. He gave one or two word answers and showed no enthusiasm about anything. He desire was to play video games and eat snacks which was obviously an escape for him.  He was open to working with me but was pretty closed off to the idea of change as he too thought he had to take medication to feel better.


We worked together a couple of times a week and while results were slow at first, I noticed he was beginning to show some interest and ask me questions about what was possible and what he might be able to do.  The more I made him realize that he was in control of his experiences, his mental health and his life–that he had a choice–the more he accepted those truths and began to show signs of improvement.  After a few weeks he started to commit to the daily mental work and No Limits techniques but didn’t tell anyone what he was doing.


We worked–then he worked.


Within a couple of months, Ryan became more social and started to show his true personality which was playful, warm and friendly.  He showed signs of interest in sports and outside activities, something he hadn’t done in years. Within three months, he was no longer taking any prescription medication and his grades in school went from D’s and F’s to trending A’s, B’s and a C.  His parents were getting letters of praise sent home weekly from teachers including one that said they “had never seen a more remarkable turnaround in a student than with Ryan.” After failing some classes in semester one of the school year, Ryan was one class short of the honor roll by the end of his junior year and went on to making the honor roll his senior year.


Ryan took up hockey again, spent two years at a junior college before going on to play hockey in college for a D1 university where he recently graduated.  More importantly, I remember a conversation with his mom about a year after Ryan’s turnaround.  She told me that she had a particularly tough day at work and when she came home, she just collapsed on her bed in exhaustion.  In walked Ryan with his now usual witty banter and asked his mom what was wrong and she replied…”tough day.”  He proceeded to give her a hug, spent the next hour making her laugh and even offered her a foot rub to make her feel better. Not bad for a kid who was branded as unable to show emotion a year earlier.


She told me that it was one of the nicest memories she’s ever had as a mom and it was then she realized how a tough day was nothing compared to having her son back.


Many times, just like with Ryan, something more can be done.  It’s so important to never give up on anyone.


No Limits Nation was formed for this very reason, to give kids (and parents) the simple tools to live their true life—a life of happiness, passion, fun, excitement and fulfillment.  And, with No Limits Nation, kids can learn many of the same techniques that Ryan used in his turnaround.


Let me be frank: Kids need this program—now more than ever. Parents need this program. This is the class they don’t teach in schools.  Every challenge can be overcome and in many cases, medication isn’t the answer.  More importantly, giving children these tools and head start before the incidences start is crucial instead of putting out the fires later.


- Coach Mike

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If It’s So Simple, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

September 5, 2013

Look… it’s not rocket science.  The way things work in this Universe are pretty simple.


What you focus on consistently expands into your physical reality.


Focus on what’s wrong and you get more of what’s wrong.  Focus on the qualities that you don’t like about someone, you will get more opportunities to experience those qualities. Focus on being lonely or afraid or sick or your lack of money and you are literally attracting more of those circumstances to you.


Or, like me last weekend, focus on missing short putts on the golf course and… well, you know what happened for me most of the weekend.


The way YOU see the world plays out in front of you every day.  We are all born a human DVR and our subconscious mind records every single image we have seen since birth and we play back those images every day through our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions. Then when things happen the way we expect them to happen, either good or bad, we say, “you see, that’s what always happens to me!”  Record and play back.


If this is true–and it is–then it’s REALLY important to develop your ability to focus!  Especially if you want to have good experiences.


Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t have.


Focus on the way you would like to see the situation or event, not on what’s wrong with it or who is to blame.


Focus on being healthy, not on avoiding or fearing illness.


Focus on what you love about your significant other and your children, not on their shortcomings or what they do to aggravate you.


Focus on taking responsibility for your life instead of blaming others for your struggles.


Focus on the good things in the world, not on what’s wrong.


And most importantly, expect to make all of your short putts, not on why you’re missing them!


Conditioning, habits, paradigms, ingrained beliefs, past failures, bad experiences, misinformation, victim mentality, ignorance, drama seekers, need attention, love to struggle, addicted to complaining, schedule is too busy, wasn’t hugged enough when they were little, boss is a bully, got cut from the 5th grade basketball team, dad loved her more, expert at identifying other’s weaknesses and mistakes, ex-husband is a deadbeat, ran out of prescription medication, kids pissed me off today, it’s cloudy outside, politicians are ruining the world, too busy making new excuses, or Miley Cyrus is twerking again.


Recognize anyone there?


Maybe it’s time to try something different and work daily to practice improving your ability to focus… or maybe not.  It’s your choice and your experiences—you have the ability to make them whatever you want them to be.  So…if you DO decide to work on shifting your focus, do the best you can each day and when you get off track just make the shift back to focusing on what you want.  Watch how your experiences and your mindset changes.


Enjoy your day and go out and make YOUR world a better place!!


- Coach Mike

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We Need to Stop the B.S…. NOW.

August 22, 2013

A 20-year-old went into a Georgia school the other day with a gun and plenty of ammunition. Thank God a school clerk was able to talk him into surrendering before he started taking lives.


In Oklahoma on Tuesday, in a random act of violence, three teenagers went out and shot a college baseball player who was out for a jog because…”they were bored.”




I am not sure what pisses me off more, the fact that this stuff keeps happening or the fact that most people aren’t doing anything about preventing more of this garbage in the future.


Well, I am doing something about it.  And so can you.


We are heading down the wrong road and it needs to stop… now.  We all need to take two minutes out of our day to help instead of taking several minutes or hours outside of our day to discuss the tragic events in Sandy Hook or at the Boston Marathon, or the shootings last year at the theater in Colorado.  We can spend a few minutes here in helping to prevent future tragic events instead of jumping into toxic and useless conversations about gun control and medicine or how we can find who it is we can blame or who it is we can lash out to in anger.


You want to know who is to blame?  We are.  Every one of us is to blame and until we get together to eliminate the problem, we will remain the ones to blame.  And we ALL need to wake up before it’s too late and realize what the real problem is… the problem that I will discuss shortly.


We are medicating children at an all-time high and guess what: it’s not working.


Children are more involved than ever in after school programs and outside activities and guess what: it’s not working.


Children have more access to tutors, online help with schooling and specialists in their area of need and guess what: it’s not working.


Children have more toys, more computers, the latest and greatest smartphones, and many other things to make them happy and guess what: it’s not working.


It’s not working because we aren’t attacking the real problem and the real problem is that we humans, as children, are never taught how we work as human beings.  We aren’t taught about our emotions and how to deal with crippling emotions like insecurity, fear, anxiety, and pressure.  We aren’t taught how to move through those crippling emotions right back into our natural state of happiness, joy, confidence and love.  We aren’t taught how to commit to taking time to exercise our minds each day and how to consciously program our subconscious mind for happiness and fulfillment.


Instead, society and our surroundings are programming our subconscious minds for us, and in most cases it’s anything but happiness and fulfillment.


Think about that last sentence for a second and see if you’re okay with it.  We are bombarded with fear, pressure, tragic events, judgment for mistakes, insecurity, and many other things on a daily basis.   And if you think these maniacs that are doing these shootings and killings were born this way, you don’t have a clue.  They were conditioned by their surroundings, their experiences and by society and what you see on the news is the outcome of them shutting down or snapping.


We also aren’t taught how to move through life’s challenges like failure, disappointment, heartache and loss. Instead, we allow those failures and disappointments to shut us down, and then we manage to just survive each day.  We simply aren’t taught how we work as human beings—each of us a mass of powerful vibrating energy–with thoughts, emotions, feelings and something called a state of being that attracts back to us things in our life like a magnet.  We aren’t taught how to have fulfilling relationships instead, many of us are taught how to seek revenge, hold grudges and how to place the blame on the other person.  And, we aren’t taught the scientific, systematic, internal approach to happiness and living a life of purpose… our own purpose.


There are many other things that we aren’t taught, but you get the point.  We need to reach the children and young people before it’s too late.  The responsibility is ours as the parents, teachers, coaches, aunts, uncles, grandparents, mentors, and advisers, to teach these young people everything they need to know about how we work as human beings and how to create a life worth living… before it’s too late.


But as the teachers, we must know what to teach and how to teach it or find someone who does.


I am someone who does know how and I am more than motivated to help.


I developed No Limits to teach kids everything I discussed above about exactly how to live the life they choose, how to avoid trouble, how to stay off of substances, and most importantly, how to be happy.  And reaching these kids (and parents) with this information can make all the difference.


So I would like to challenge YOU to take two minutes out of your day to share the information with people who might need it.  Share this post with your address book; post this message on your social media page; send it to parents of kids who might need it, the schools in your area or the coach who has the daily audience of youngsters in front of them.  Instead of talking about how bad things are or the tragic event, change a life by talking about a program that can save a kid’s life by empowering them.

No Limits works. It’s powerful. It helps young people. It can change the world and you can help.


- Coach Mike

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Amnesia and The Power of Forgiveness

August 7, 2013

What if you woke up tomorrow morning with complete amnesia and absolutely no memory of who you were or any of your previous life experiences?


Think about it…you are a clean slate.  You would have had no disappointments or failures in your life.  You would hold no resentment towards anyone.  You would have never had your heartbroken, had a tough relationship breakup or longed for the one that got away.  You would have no bad memories from when you were a child or how poorly your parents treated you.  The coach has never benched you and you have never been cut from a team. You were never bullied in school, you have never had low self-esteem, you never failed a test and you never got into an argument with a friend.   You don’t hate your boss, you have never been fired and you have no idea what racism is.  You don’t fear heights and you have never heard any opinions about politics. You have no beliefs about money and have never heard of a tight economy or had someone tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees.  You have never been told to be afraid of getting sick or anything about your family health history.


You now have no fears.  Also gone are the preconceived notions about what you can do with your life or what you are able to accomplish.  You haven’t been conditioned to believe certain limiting beliefs and you haven’t been told who you should like or how you are supposed to act.


You have never experienced anxiety, pressure, difficulty or stress.  You have no ego because you have never given a single thought to what anyone thinks of you, to being embarrassed or, screwing up in front of other people.  You don’t envy anyone else for who they are or what they have and you don’t even know what insecurity feels like. You just woke up in bed this morning with complete peace and with a completely blank mind.


How great would it feel to have freedom from all of those mind viruses that get in the way of our happiness, creativity and peak performance every day?  How would it feel to have freedom from resentment, fear, disappointment, anxiety, pressure, stress, jealousy, sadness, hatred and depression.  You have nothing to be angry, remorseful or spiteful about because you don’t remember anything!


Now…I have a simple question: If that did happen to you, what would you do next?  


Well, in case you didn’t realize it, this can happen to you every single day of your life it you choose for it to happen because, the only place your challenging and difficult experiences of the past reside is in…your mind.


You can literally go back into the memory and change the story to something that feels pleasant.  You can decide today to forgive anyone or anything that has ever disappointed you.  You can let go of the past relationship because it is no longer serving the person you choose to be while realizing that there is someone even better for you out there.  You can decide to embrace the experience of the business failing for the lessons it taught you because it will help you in your next business venture. You can appreciate being cut from the team because it led you to the better team where you met your new best friend.  You can decide to trust yourself and trust the Universe with the understanding that everything is always ok and everything will always be ok…no matter what.  You can simply and powerfully LET GO of all of these toxic emotions and limiting beliefs swirling around inside of your mind on a daily basis.  And, you can change your perception of any and all of the events in your past and be grateful for every experience you have on a daily basis.


Look…there is absolutely no power in holding on to emotions like resentment, fear and anger…anyone can do that and doing so is VERY harmful to the person holding on to the pain.  The true power resides inside of you and with your ability to forgive. When you choose to forgive someone or something, it is pure freedom to move forward in any direction you choose!  Choose to forgive and get rid of all of that crap that is swirling inside of you and shutting you down! Forgiveness to yourself for your mistakes…forgiveness to others who you feel may have wronged you in the past… forgiveness to the situation that caused you distress.  Forgive and forget about the past and move forward in this moment because it is only this moment that is real.  The past is an illusion…it’s gone—so let it go.


Same goes for your beliefs and conditioning. A belief is simply YOUR perception about a past experience or a prolonged way of thinking about something.  Or, it’s the way you were conditioned when you were young.  And, almost all beliefs are unique to the believer as everyone has a variety of different beliefs about most subjects.  So—are your beliefs that you have formed since birth serving you and the person you choose to be or are they holding you back?  You can change your belief about ANYTHING to something that serves you and when you hold that new belief, watch how the world surrounding you begins to match your belief.


Each evening before you go to bed or each morning when you wake up, practice the power of forgiveness and the power of amnesia towards those things that are causing you grief.  Just choose to let them go–now and forever–and choose to change any memory to something that feels good to you.  Forgive constantly and hold on to nothing toxic and watch how much better you will begin to feel.  Also, really commit to taking a look at your beliefs in every area of your life and make sure you are following beliefs in your life that empower you towards the person you want to be and the results you want to get.


If you would like to go deeper on this subject and many others, I go into these in great detail in my book and recordings along with many of the techniques and processes you can use to change your internal programming.  Check out the No Limits Products page for more info!


- Coach Mike

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A Diet for the Mind

July 19, 2013

I am asked by people all the time what they can do to start to have better experiences in their lives, to have better relationships, to get the better job, to be more motivated or to just be happier on a daily basis.


There are many things they can do but, the best thing I can tell someone is to start by having “a diet for the mind.”


Think about it: we live in a society where many, many people spend a great deal of time on their physical bodies… exercising, making healthy food choices, face and body lotions, anti-aging products, the best make-up, hair coloring, manicures, pedicures, Botox, plastic surgery, and on and on and on.


Very few people spend time consciously feeding and nourishing their minds, and yet it’s the mind that controls it all. The mind controls the physical health, the mind controls your physical appearance, and the mind controls the physical body.


But, instead of feeding our minds with good food on a daily basis, we litter our minds with the garbage we see on the news or the subjects that don’t make us feel too good.


We hold resentment about the stuff that has happened in the past or we stress about the possible events of the future. We get together with our friends and we complain about the government, or our jobs, or our kids, our busy schedules or our significant other.


We even begin to complain about things that are supposed to make us happy like our favorite restaurant, a trip to the amusement park, how crowded the beach was or how the golf course we just played wasn’t manicured to our standards.


We repeatedly fill our minds with this garbage and do all of this complaining and we wonder why we don’t feel good or why things aren’t going better for us or why our relationships suck.


That constant complaining is literally what is attracting those negative experiences back to us and, whether you believe it or not, those constant toxic thoughts and conversations you are having are affecting your physical health! And all of the exercising, vitamins, and face creams in the world won’t do a thing for your health if you keep littering your mind with this poison on a daily basis.


You want to start creating better experiences, better relationships and better physical health?  Start by having a diet for the mind. 


Turn off the stuff on the news that’s going to piss you off.  Stop having the conversations with people about what’s wrong, in fact, start becoming real aware of who you are spending your time with.  Stop complaining about the job, the traffic, the high gas prices, and the economy. Stop talking about the illness, the potential illness or the pesticides on the fruit that might cause the illness!  Stop blaming your significant other or your kids or your boss for your bad mood and begin to take control of what you put in your mind on a daily basis.


Start filling your mind with what’s good in your life…what you like about your job, what you appreciate about your health, what you love about your kids and the little things that your significant other does to make you happy.  Consciously spend some time each day filling your mind with the good stuff in your life and watch what happens! Have a filter on what you allow into your mind every day and begin to exercise your  true power to happiness, health and well-being.


Making this simple shift on a daily basis is the most powerful thing you can do for your health and well being and I promise that if you commit to this, you will be amazed by the results.


And remember, just like working out your physical body, it takes a little work to do this each day so only doing it once in a while will get you very average results.  By practicing a diet for the mind, committing to it and doing it daily, you will be a machine who feels better and better each day!


- Coach Mike

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