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No Limits Nation teaches young people how to be happy.


No Limits Nation shows kids the formula on how to have better relationships with their parents, their teachers, their friends and themselves.


No Limits Nation inspires kids to find what they love in their life and move in that direction.


No Limits Nation teaches children & teenagers to be more confident, more focused, more excited and more productive.


No Limits Nation helps kids stay out of trouble and how to overcome life’s daily challenges that might normally shut young people down.


No Limits Nation gives their young members a daily regimen, a powerful workout for the mind that will propel them in the direction of all of their dreams and goals.


Be a part of the tens of thousands of young people committed to a life of happiness and certainty while making a true difference in the world…think about what that can do for your future and the future of thousands of others who commit to the same empowering standards in life.


Join the No Limits Nation Today and Receive:

The No Limits Nation Audio Program where Coach Mike speaks directly to the members of the No Limits Nation giving them the simple tools and daily practices needed to learn the formula for happiness and the powerful techniques to live the life of their choosing. Coach Mike also discusses in detail the twenty standards and practices that No Limits Nation Members will use in their daily life to create the mind-blowing results they desire!


The 20 No Limits Nation Standards and Practices. Receive the full list of standards and practices that members of the No Limits Nation commit to and learn every day. Below is a brief example of a few of the standards and practices that members of the No Limits Nation commit to and learn:

1) I will find my passion and what I am really excited about in life. I will always move in that direction.

2) …When I see myself, I see what is good about me. If I notice something I would like to change, I focus on the way I would like to see it and move in that direction. I never focus on what’s wrong with me.

3) I will practice a diet for my mind consistently allowing in things that empower me and make me feel good. I have a strong mental filter as I have a choice on what I let into my thoughts on a daily basis.

4) I read and review my goals each day and agree to do at least one action every day that moves me in the direction of my goals.


Gain private access to the Membership Area of the website giving ALL No Limits Nation Members the continual tools and inspiring teachings to keep you moving in the direction you choose. This member’s area will be updated frequently to give you additional teachings not available to non-members.


A No Limits Nation T-Shirt (not sold anywhere else) as only the members of the No Limits Nation will receive these special shirts to proudly wear and display. T-shirts available in black or white and you get to choose your color.

Membership Cost: $35.00 plus shipping


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