No Limits

Mastering the mental edge

No Limits! Mastering the Mental Edge

Product type:
Audio Program
3 full Length CD-ROM's or Downloadable MP3

The Audio Sessions

This is a simple, fun and inspiring recording with Coach Mike teaching the secrets to tapping into your true talent and potential. This program is everything you will need to understand why you are getting the results you are getting in addition to truly understanding the power that your mind has over your performance. Learn how to understand your thoughts and emotions and more importantly, learn how to put them to work for you. Remove the fear, the pressure and the anxiety while competing and replace it with confidence, certainty and happiness. In addition to the phenomenal No Limits techniques discussed in the program, Coach Mike gives you a simple daily action plan to get you to where you want to go! Also included in the recordings is an interview with Coach Mike and Chicago Bears Pro Bowl Kicker Robbie Gould discussing what it takes to truly master the mental game in sports and beyond as Robbie discusses the mental approach he has used to become one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history.


Disc 1: Tracks

1: Welcome  2: Mastering The Mental Edge Introduction  3: Life, An Inside Job  4: Everything Is Energy  5: The Amazing Madi  6: Keep Your Eyes Open

7: Clarity  8: Focus  9: Habits and Conditioning  10: Beliefs


Disc 2: Tracks

11: State Of Being 12: Gratitude 13: Trust It 14: Success Stories 15: Daily Commitment 16: Find The Motivation 17: Daily Mental Workout 18: Conclusion


Disc 3/ Bonus CD: Tracks

NFL Kicker Robbie Gould Discusses Mental Game


Available to you in Downloadable MP3 format or CD-ROM


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