No Limits

Mastering the mental edge

No Limits! Mastering the Mental Edge

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The Book

“The class they don’t teach you in school!”

This is the long awaited book where Coach Mike uses experiences in his own life along with his 20+ years working with young athletes to teach the simple yet powerful techniques for superior performance and an inspired life! This is for athletes, parents, coaches and anyone else looking to create a better life as Coach Mike has magically used sports as the conduit for this information. Coach Mike’s stories are inspirational and fun as he shares his past challenges and personal journeys of self-discovery along with the journeys of his actual clients who used this knowledge and understanding to create phenomenal results! This is the book that has been called “the owner’s manual for human behavior” and as one reader said “PHENOMENAL! Coach Mike has taken Universal principals that have been around since the beginning of time and made it simple, fun and effective for everyone!” This book has also been referred to as “The class they don’t teach you in school!”

What People Are Saying

“From average to the Cy Young Award, that is what mastering the mental edge did for me and it’s what No Limits will do for you. This book is a must for anyone who wants to reach their true potential on and off the field”
– Steve Stone

MLB AL Cy Young Award Winner, 1980, current broadcaster for the Chicago White Sox


“Taking the techniques that I’ve learned through No Limits has been very beneficial to my performance on Sunday’s. Working with Coach Mike and going through the techniques you will learn in this book have helped me and will help me succeed down the road.  No Limits is what makes all the difference.”
– Robbie Gould
All Pro NFL Kicker, Chicago Bears


“In this book, Coach Mike shows you how to get rid of the junk that’s holding you back, how to identify your life goals, and how to zero in on them with laser precision. By the time he’s done with you, you’ll be chomping at the bit to take on the world… and if you follow his No Limits program, you’ll find that the world is yours!”
 –Phyllis DeMarco
Award Winning Author of Passage to November


“If you are serious about creating the results you want across all areas of your life, then get this book! Coach Mike not only explains how, he gives you the vehicle and the road map to hit any result you choose. Read it, apply it, and you can’t help but be consistently amazed by your results.”
– Doreen Banaszak
Author of Excuse Me, Your Life is Now


Avaiable to you in Downloadable Electronic Book or Paperback

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