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A Diet for the Mind

July 19, 2013

I am asked by people all the time what they can do to start to have better experiences in their lives, to have better relationships, to get the better job, to be more motivated or to just be happier on a daily basis.


There are many things they can do but, the best thing I can tell someone is to start by having “a diet for the mind.”


Think about it: we live in a society where many, many people spend a great deal of time on their physical bodies… exercising, making healthy food choices, face and body lotions, anti-aging products, the best make-up, hair coloring, manicures, pedicures, Botox, plastic surgery, and on and on and on.


Very few people spend time consciously feeding and nourishing their minds, and yet it’s the mind that controls it all. The mind controls the physical health, the mind controls your physical appearance, and the mind controls the physical body.


But, instead of feeding our minds with good food on a daily basis, we litter our minds with the garbage we see on the news or the subjects that don’t make us feel too good.


We hold resentment about the stuff that has happened in the past or we stress about the possible events of the future. We get together with our friends and we complain about the government, or our jobs, or our kids, our busy schedules or our significant other.


We even begin to complain about things that are supposed to make us happy like our favorite restaurant, a trip to the amusement park, how crowded the beach was or how the golf course we just played wasn’t manicured to our standards.


We repeatedly fill our minds with this garbage and do all of this complaining and we wonder why we don’t feel good or why things aren’t going better for us or why our relationships suck.


That constant complaining is literally what is attracting those negative experiences back to us and, whether you believe it or not, those constant toxic thoughts and conversations you are having are affecting your physical health! And all of the exercising, vitamins, and face creams in the world won’t do a thing for your health if you keep littering your mind with this poison on a daily basis.


You want to start creating better experiences, better relationships and better physical health?  Start by having a diet for the mind. 


Turn off the stuff on the news that’s going to piss you off.  Stop having the conversations with people about what’s wrong, in fact, start becoming real aware of who you are spending your time with.  Stop complaining about the job, the traffic, the high gas prices, and the economy. Stop talking about the illness, the potential illness or the pesticides on the fruit that might cause the illness!  Stop blaming your significant other or your kids or your boss for your bad mood and begin to take control of what you put in your mind on a daily basis.


Start filling your mind with what’s good in your life…what you like about your job, what you appreciate about your health, what you love about your kids and the little things that your significant other does to make you happy.  Consciously spend some time each day filling your mind with the good stuff in your life and watch what happens! Have a filter on what you allow into your mind every day and begin to exercise your  true power to happiness, health and well-being.


Making this simple shift on a daily basis is the most powerful thing you can do for your health and well being and I promise that if you commit to this, you will be amazed by the results.


And remember, just like working out your physical body, it takes a little work to do this each day so only doing it once in a while will get you very average results.  By practicing a diet for the mind, committing to it and doing it daily, you will be a machine who feels better and better each day!


- Coach Mike

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