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Amnesia and The Power of Forgiveness

August 7, 2013

What if you woke up tomorrow morning with complete amnesia and absolutely no memory of who you were or any of your previous life experiences?


Think about it…you are a clean slate.  You would have had no disappointments or failures in your life.  You would hold no resentment towards anyone.  You would have never had your heartbroken, had a tough relationship breakup or longed for the one that got away.  You would have no bad memories from when you were a child or how poorly your parents treated you.  The coach has never benched you and you have never been cut from a team. You were never bullied in school, you have never had low self-esteem, you never failed a test and you never got into an argument with a friend.   You don’t hate your boss, you have never been fired and you have no idea what racism is.  You don’t fear heights and you have never heard any opinions about politics. You have no beliefs about money and have never heard of a tight economy or had someone tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees.  You have never been told to be afraid of getting sick or anything about your family health history.


You now have no fears.  Also gone are the preconceived notions about what you can do with your life or what you are able to accomplish.  You haven’t been conditioned to believe certain limiting beliefs and you haven’t been told who you should like or how you are supposed to act.


You have never experienced anxiety, pressure, difficulty or stress.  You have no ego because you have never given a single thought to what anyone thinks of you, to being embarrassed or, screwing up in front of other people.  You don’t envy anyone else for who they are or what they have and you don’t even know what insecurity feels like. You just woke up in bed this morning with complete peace and with a completely blank mind.


How great would it feel to have freedom from all of those mind viruses that get in the way of our happiness, creativity and peak performance every day?  How would it feel to have freedom from resentment, fear, disappointment, anxiety, pressure, stress, jealousy, sadness, hatred and depression.  You have nothing to be angry, remorseful or spiteful about because you don’t remember anything!


Now…I have a simple question: If that did happen to you, what would you do next?  


Well, in case you didn’t realize it, this can happen to you every single day of your life it you choose for it to happen because, the only place your challenging and difficult experiences of the past reside is in…your mind.


You can literally go back into the memory and change the story to something that feels pleasant.  You can decide today to forgive anyone or anything that has ever disappointed you.  You can let go of the past relationship because it is no longer serving the person you choose to be while realizing that there is someone even better for you out there.  You can decide to embrace the experience of the business failing for the lessons it taught you because it will help you in your next business venture. You can appreciate being cut from the team because it led you to the better team where you met your new best friend.  You can decide to trust yourself and trust the Universe with the understanding that everything is always ok and everything will always be ok…no matter what.  You can simply and powerfully LET GO of all of these toxic emotions and limiting beliefs swirling around inside of your mind on a daily basis.  And, you can change your perception of any and all of the events in your past and be grateful for every experience you have on a daily basis.


Look…there is absolutely no power in holding on to emotions like resentment, fear and anger…anyone can do that and doing so is VERY harmful to the person holding on to the pain.  The true power resides inside of you and with your ability to forgive. When you choose to forgive someone or something, it is pure freedom to move forward in any direction you choose!  Choose to forgive and get rid of all of that crap that is swirling inside of you and shutting you down! Forgiveness to yourself for your mistakes…forgiveness to others who you feel may have wronged you in the past… forgiveness to the situation that caused you distress.  Forgive and forget about the past and move forward in this moment because it is only this moment that is real.  The past is an illusion…it’s gone—so let it go.


Same goes for your beliefs and conditioning. A belief is simply YOUR perception about a past experience or a prolonged way of thinking about something.  Or, it’s the way you were conditioned when you were young.  And, almost all beliefs are unique to the believer as everyone has a variety of different beliefs about most subjects.  So—are your beliefs that you have formed since birth serving you and the person you choose to be or are they holding you back?  You can change your belief about ANYTHING to something that serves you and when you hold that new belief, watch how the world surrounding you begins to match your belief.


Each evening before you go to bed or each morning when you wake up, practice the power of forgiveness and the power of amnesia towards those things that are causing you grief.  Just choose to let them go–now and forever–and choose to change any memory to something that feels good to you.  Forgive constantly and hold on to nothing toxic and watch how much better you will begin to feel.  Also, really commit to taking a look at your beliefs in every area of your life and make sure you are following beliefs in your life that empower you towards the person you want to be and the results you want to get.


If you would like to go deeper on this subject and many others, I go into these in great detail in my book and recordings along with many of the techniques and processes you can use to change your internal programming.  Check out the No Limits Products page for more info!


- Coach Mike

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