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If It’s So Simple, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

September 5, 2013

Look… it’s not rocket science.  The way things work in this Universe are pretty simple.


What you focus on consistently expands into your physical reality.


Focus on what’s wrong and you get more of what’s wrong.  Focus on the qualities that you don’t like about someone, you will get more opportunities to experience those qualities. Focus on being lonely or afraid or sick or your lack of money and you are literally attracting more of those circumstances to you.


Or, like me last weekend, focus on missing short putts on the golf course and… well, you know what happened for me most of the weekend.


The way YOU see the world plays out in front of you every day.  We are all born a human DVR and our subconscious mind records every single image we have seen since birth and we play back those images every day through our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions. Then when things happen the way we expect them to happen, either good or bad, we say, “you see, that’s what always happens to me!”  Record and play back.


If this is true–and it is–then it’s REALLY important to develop your ability to focus!  Especially if you want to have good experiences.


Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t have.


Focus on the way you would like to see the situation or event, not on what’s wrong with it or who is to blame.


Focus on being healthy, not on avoiding or fearing illness.


Focus on what you love about your significant other and your children, not on their shortcomings or what they do to aggravate you.


Focus on taking responsibility for your life instead of blaming others for your struggles.


Focus on the good things in the world, not on what’s wrong.


And most importantly, expect to make all of your short putts, not on why you’re missing them!


Conditioning, habits, paradigms, ingrained beliefs, past failures, bad experiences, misinformation, victim mentality, ignorance, drama seekers, need attention, love to struggle, addicted to complaining, schedule is too busy, wasn’t hugged enough when they were little, boss is a bully, got cut from the 5th grade basketball team, dad loved her more, expert at identifying other’s weaknesses and mistakes, ex-husband is a deadbeat, ran out of prescription medication, kids pissed me off today, it’s cloudy outside, politicians are ruining the world, too busy making new excuses, or Miley Cyrus is twerking again.


Recognize anyone there?


Maybe it’s time to try something different and work daily to practice improving your ability to focus… or maybe not.  It’s your choice and your experiences—you have the ability to make them whatever you want them to be.  So…if you DO decide to work on shifting your focus, do the best you can each day and when you get off track just make the shift back to focusing on what you want.  Watch how your experiences and your mindset changes.


Enjoy your day and go out and make YOUR world a better place!!


- Coach Mike

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