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We Need to Stop the B.S…. NOW.

August 22, 2013

A 20-year-old went into a Georgia school the other day with a gun and plenty of ammunition. Thank God a school clerk was able to talk him into surrendering before he started taking lives.


In Oklahoma on Tuesday, in a random act of violence, three teenagers went out and shot a college baseball player who was out for a jog because…”they were bored.”




I am not sure what pisses me off more, the fact that this stuff keeps happening or the fact that most people aren’t doing anything about preventing more of this garbage in the future.


Well, I am doing something about it.  And so can you.


We are heading down the wrong road and it needs to stop… now.  We all need to take two minutes out of our day to help instead of taking several minutes or hours outside of our day to discuss the tragic events in Sandy Hook or at the Boston Marathon, or the shootings last year at the theater in Colorado.  We can spend a few minutes here in helping to prevent future tragic events instead of jumping into toxic and useless conversations about gun control and medicine or how we can find who it is we can blame or who it is we can lash out to in anger.


You want to know who is to blame?  We are.  Every one of us is to blame and until we get together to eliminate the problem, we will remain the ones to blame.  And we ALL need to wake up before it’s too late and realize what the real problem is… the problem that I will discuss shortly.


We are medicating children at an all-time high and guess what: it’s not working.


Children are more involved than ever in after school programs and outside activities and guess what: it’s not working.


Children have more access to tutors, online help with schooling and specialists in their area of need and guess what: it’s not working.


Children have more toys, more computers, the latest and greatest smartphones, and many other things to make them happy and guess what: it’s not working.


It’s not working because we aren’t attacking the real problem and the real problem is that we humans, as children, are never taught how we work as human beings.  We aren’t taught about our emotions and how to deal with crippling emotions like insecurity, fear, anxiety, and pressure.  We aren’t taught how to move through those crippling emotions right back into our natural state of happiness, joy, confidence and love.  We aren’t taught how to commit to taking time to exercise our minds each day and how to consciously program our subconscious mind for happiness and fulfillment.


Instead, society and our surroundings are programming our subconscious minds for us, and in most cases it’s anything but happiness and fulfillment.


Think about that last sentence for a second and see if you’re okay with it.  We are bombarded with fear, pressure, tragic events, judgment for mistakes, insecurity, and many other things on a daily basis.   And if you think these maniacs that are doing these shootings and killings were born this way, you don’t have a clue.  They were conditioned by their surroundings, their experiences and by society and what you see on the news is the outcome of them shutting down or snapping.


We also aren’t taught how to move through life’s challenges like failure, disappointment, heartache and loss. Instead, we allow those failures and disappointments to shut us down, and then we manage to just survive each day.  We simply aren’t taught how we work as human beings—each of us a mass of powerful vibrating energy–with thoughts, emotions, feelings and something called a state of being that attracts back to us things in our life like a magnet.  We aren’t taught how to have fulfilling relationships instead, many of us are taught how to seek revenge, hold grudges and how to place the blame on the other person.  And, we aren’t taught the scientific, systematic, internal approach to happiness and living a life of purpose… our own purpose.


There are many other things that we aren’t taught, but you get the point.  We need to reach the children and young people before it’s too late.  The responsibility is ours as the parents, teachers, coaches, aunts, uncles, grandparents, mentors, and advisers, to teach these young people everything they need to know about how we work as human beings and how to create a life worth living… before it’s too late.


But as the teachers, we must know what to teach and how to teach it or find someone who does.


I am someone who does know how and I am more than motivated to help.


I developed No Limits to teach kids everything I discussed above about exactly how to live the life they choose, how to avoid trouble, how to stay off of substances, and most importantly, how to be happy.  And reaching these kids (and parents) with this information can make all the difference.


So I would like to challenge YOU to take two minutes out of your day to share the information with people who might need it.  Share this post with your address book; post this message on your social media page; send it to parents of kids who might need it, the schools in your area or the coach who has the daily audience of youngsters in front of them.  Instead of talking about how bad things are or the tragic event, change a life by talking about a program that can save a kid’s life by empowering them.

No Limits works. It’s powerful. It helps young people. It can change the world and you can help.


- Coach Mike

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